Terrain Phantom Custom Stencil

We work with anyone who needs a quality custom camo stencil to their exact specification. We provide the following service:

Machine-Cut Stencil:

Artwork:    By Customer

Cost:        (inclusive of initial artwork setup fees, stencil material and                 labour) starts at $20 per design dependent on the                 complexity of the design

Time:       The process will take up to 5 business days

Term:       You own the design and we would not resell it.
               • The first stencil set is included with the design cost for
                  the size of 24" x 18".
               • The initial setup fee is only applicable for the first set of                   custom stencil. Subsequent copies would cost $15 a
               • Size can be custom to a max width of 48". Price will be                   adjusted according to size.