DuraCoat® Firearm Finishes

The DuraCoat® System is the latest in firearm finishing technology. No other commercially manufactured and packaged firearm finishing system offers the versatility, durability and user friendly characteristic of DuraCoat®.

DuraCoat® is available in the original formulation and New DuraCoat® SL with added lubricity for the ultimate self lubricating/non-stick firearm finish.

DuraCoat® and DuraCoat® SL come in 152 colors plus Clear and can be blended to match any color of the spectrum. Although packaged in matte and semi-gloss sheend, DuraCoat® can be blended to any sheen level.

DuraCoat® and DuraCoat® SL can be applied to ferrous metals, alloys, stainless steel, synthetics, wood, etc, and can be applied in a multitude of textures with dry film thickness ranging from .25mls to 1.5mls. No preheating or baking is required, but dry times can be shortened by baking.

DuraCoat® and DuraCoat® SL are available in an ever growing line of our Combo Pak with a variety of Stick 'N Spray Camo Templates.

DuraCoat® and DuraCoat® SL are packaged in 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, quart, gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums.

DuraCoat® and DuraCoat® SL are supported by a complete selection of finishing equipment, coatings, solutions and supplies.

Shipping Info:
To ensure maximum shelf live, all Duracoat products will be shipped directly from Duracoat at the rate of $12.52 for purchases below $100.00. A new rate applies if total purchase of Duracost products falls into a different range. Please click here to view Duracoat shipping rate table.

You will receive a Paypal invoice with the appropriate shipping fee as we process your order.

DuraCoat® Hardener   |   dc001

Hardener is included with DuraCoat® Combo Pak but is also sold separately. 10-1 to 14-1 is the recommended mixing ratio range of DuraCoat® to Hardener.

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1 oz : $6.95     2 oz : $11.50     4 oz : $15.95




DuraCoat® UV Hardener   |   dc002

Optimize DuraCoat® for outdoor applications with UV Hardener. UV Hardener will keep the color from fading longer than regular Hardener in exterior conditions.

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1 oz : $8.50     2 oz : $13.50     4 oz : $24.25




DuraCoat® Flattening Agent   |   dc003

DuraCoat® flattening Agent can be used to give less sheen or gloss. Flattening Agent can be used at up to 10% of volume.

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1/2 oz : $3.95     1 oz : $6.25     2 oz : $10.50



DuraCoat® Clear   |   dc004

An extreme versatile finish, can be applied over DuraCoat® colors, bluing, stainless - almost any surface of a firearm that needs protection. Puts an end to rusting and pitting when applied over bluing. Eliminates the accumulation of oxidization, dirt and grime on stainless firearms. When using multiple colors, such as camouflage patterns, DuraCoat® Clear will even out the slight sheen differences. Available in Original and SL, and in Matte, Satin and Gloss.

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2 oz Original : $16.95     2 oz SL: $18.95

4 oz Original : $26.50     4 oz SL: $28.50



Removable Mission Specific Camo   |   dc005

An air-cured lacquer based firearm finish that works great for hunter, tactic units - anyone who uses a single firearm for multiple seasons or environments. Highly scratch and abrasion resistant whether used as a single color or camouflage pattern, Mission Specific Camo Coating can be removed with MS Remover. Available in: Matte Black, Woodland Tan, Woodland Green, Woodland Camo Brown, Desert Mint, Desert Beige, Desert Brown, Tiger Stripe Green, Tiger Stripe Brown, White.

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6 oz Aerosol : $13.95     16 oz Aerosol : $18.95

MS Remover 16 oz Aerosol : $17.50

Mission Specific Remover 16 oz Aerosol



TruStripTM Cleaner/Degreaser   |   dc006

TruStripTM cuts all gunk and grease, fast. It dries extremely fast without leaving residue. This product is ideal for use as a cleaner prior to refinishing with DuraCoat® products.

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16 oz Aerosol : $16.95    1 Pint : $12.95



EZ Airbrush Kit   |   dc007          $24.99

Excellent Starter Kit, easy to use and complete. Kit includes: airbrush, color bottle with adapter, color bottle with plastic cap, air hose with couplings, 1/4" airhose for attaching to compressor, wrench, valve for propellant can and eye dropper.

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Paasche Airbrush Propellant   |   dc008

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12 oz : $12.95