Terrain Phantom “Tunnel Rat” series for Boats and Vehicles

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The name “Tunnel Rat” was inspired by a special and rare breed of brave men who took the fight to the enemy at a risk to themselves. Armed with nothing more than a 1911 in one hand and a flash light in another they crawled into Vietcong tunnels seeking out enemy combatants and to deny them of supplies.

Nooks, corners, bends and contour of the environment makes it impossible to operate heavy weapons. A similarity can be drawn when trying to paint an object with tight corners, bends, accessories and attachments. Take an Atv for example, there is no way you can fit a 24” x 18” mylar stencil and any part of the surface. You can try using a smaller piece of female template with limited design on it but this compromises the result. You don’t want your friends to lie when you ask them what they think of your work. The right technique would be to use paint mask templates and the results are amazing if done right. We provide guidelines to assist in getting the job done right the first time.

The 16 foot boat (inside and outside) and trailer in the picture was painted with one and a half kit of Digital 101 stencil (the NEW Terrain Phantom “Tunnel Rat” series). You do not need to be an expert or gifted to achieve the results as shown in the picture. Even your kids can help out and watch them express amazement as they peel back the layers. Click here for Tunnel finished product photos.

The “Tunnel Rat” series of stencils allows the applicator amazing flexibility in applying patterns on tight, small or bended surfaces with amazing results. It allows the applicator to achieve what cannot be achieved with a regular large Mylar “female” stencil template.

Fitting a large “female” stencil template on small surfaces such as the mud guard of an ATV, or the back of a truck side view mirror, or even the body of an ATV is almost impossible. There is hardly enough space to fit and flatten a large piece of Mylar stencil template against the surface

Achieve consistently sharp crisp images. The adhesive backing on the stencil material eliminates any space between painted surface and vinyl. The Tunnel Rat stencils have stronger adhesive as compared to Mylar templates and is used as a paint mask.

The result of each application is almost unique since it’s up to the applicator to position those male templates to his own liking, unlike female templates where the patterns are fixed to each template.


[ Disclaimer ]

The “Tunnel Rat” series of stencil is non-reusable. You can reuse if you take great care in removing it from applied surface with great care, but take note that it tears easily and is a paint to store for the next application. It’s easier to purchase another kit.

There are certain basic “air brushing” principles which the applicator needs to adhere to and details are furnished in the DIY instruction.


Digital 101 TR   |   tr001

Terrain Phantom Digital 101 Camouflage Stencil is designed to disrupt the geometry of any object’s shape and its color contrasts simulate the perception of different layers in space. The design is devised by utilizing small micro patterns, as opposed to larger macro patterns for effective disruption. The first digital camouflage introduced to uniform was the Canadian Disruptive Pattern (CADPAT). Its designed to conceal soldiers from image intensification devices (night vision).

Click here for Tunnel finished product photos.